About Marie Graff

Marie Graff has been a Massage Therapist since 1983 and a Shiatsu Therapist since 1984. She was fortunate to study under the generous influence and gifts of Edith Szasz and Mitsuki Kikkawa, respectively, both renegade healers, innovators and teachers. She also studied homeopathy under Robin Murphy, arguably the foremost teacher in Homeopathic studies, prior to homeopathy being a freestanding credential. Her life, and studies, have been generously guided and influenced by the wisdom and teachings of countless inspired individuals. This has secured a deep respect and interest in the nature of authenticity and purpose.

After 7 years focus on a clinical practice of Massage therapy and related healing modalities Marie began a 12 year period of academic study earning her a B.A. in Cultural Studies and a M.A. in English. She went on to studies in Theory and Policy in Higher education which was prematurely truncated by a vehicle accident in 2006. Throughout her academic life she maintained a small private practice in Massage Therapy.

In 2002 she opened bodyone health services, a multidisciplinary clinic in Toronto’s Queen West Village, offering alternative and complimentary medicine. Those years provided a return to the seminal teachings that began her journey as a healer over 30 years ago. In the 12 years of running bodyone Marie utilized every opportunity that presented itself to rethink assumptions and limitations with regard to the function and potential of soft tissue.

Historic studies in Aikido, Qi gong and Iyengar yoga, as well as Zen and other forms of meditation and esoteric teachings began to integrate and solidify an approach to healing, that found itself limited only by the demands of the day to day of running a large clinic. Nevertheless great strides were made and today, Paradise Life is the celebration of over 30 years of study and clinical practice. Here the opportunity to fully integrate and deepen the work is truly possible, where a quieter environment and simpler life offer focus unopposed.